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Current as of 2017 December 15


2017 PhD Astrophysics and Planetary Science, University of Colorado, Boulder
Thesis: The Volatility of Far-Ultraviolet Radiation from Low-Mass Stars and Planetary Implications
Advisor: Kevin France

2009 BS Aerospace Engineering, Virginia Tech
summa cum laude
minors in astronomy, mathematics, and physics

Research Interests and Publications

Please see Research for interests and the most up-to-date publication lists.

Conference Presentations


2017 The FUV Flares of Active and Inactive M Dwarfs
Know Thy Star — Know Thy Planet, Pasadena, California
2016 Cool Stars Provide Erratic Environments for Photochemistry
AbGradCon, Boulder, Colorado
2016 FUV Emission Line Flares on M and K Dwarfs in the MUSCLES Survey
Cool Stars 19, Uppsala, Sweden

2015 An Ultraviolet Spectral Examination of “Quiescent” M­dwarf Exoplanet Host Flares
IAUS 320, Honolulu, Hawaii
2015 The Radiation Environment of Habitable­Zone Planets Orbiting Low­Mass Stars
Emerging Researchers in Exoplanet Science, State College, Pennsylvania
2014 Astrophysical Noise and a Search for Star-Planet Interactions in Ultraviolet Time-Series
Towards Other Earths, Porto, Portugal
2014 Fluctuations and Flares in Stellar UV Emission Observed by HST and GALEX
Cool Stars 18, Flagstaff, Arizona


Please see my GitHub profile for my publicly-shared codes.

Teaching Experience

2015 (Summer) Instructor of Record, ASTR 2600, Computational Techniques
Student ratings: instructor overall 5.5/6, course overall 4.9/6
2013 Mentor, Boulder Valley School District: Science Research Seminar student
2011 Fall & 2012 Fall Teaching Assistant, ASTR 1200, Stars and Galaxies
2012 Spring Teaching Assistant, ASTR 1000, The Solar System

Grants and Observing Programs

Principal Investigator
HST General Observer, “Investigating an SPI and Measuring Baseline FUV Variability in the GJ 436 Hot-Neptune System” Program 15174

2017 HST General Observer, “Unobstructed Observations of the Intrinsic Lyman-alpha Emission of Low-mass Stars”, Program 15286
2017 HST General Observer, “The Mega-MUSCLES Treasury Survey: Measurements of the Ultraviolet Spectral Characteristics of Low-mass Exoplanetary Systems” Program 15071
2017 HST Archival Research, “Model Atmospheres and Spectral Irradiance Library of the Exoplanet Host Stars Observed in the MUSCLES Survey” Program 15038
2016 HST Director’s Discretionary, “The most detailed high-energy picture of Proxima Centauri, our nearest extrasolar neighbor” Program 14860
2016 HST Snapshot Program, “A SNAP UV Spectroscopic Study of Star-Planet Interactions” Program 14633
2016 HST General Observer, “A Direct Imaging Experiment to Determine the Origin of H2 Emission from M dwarf Exoplanetary Systems” Program 14100
2015 HST General Observer, “The MUSCLES Treasury Survey: Measurements of the Ultraviolet Spectral Characteristics of Low-mass Exoplanetary Systems” Program 13650

Recent Service

2012 – 2016 Member of sponsor group for Burmese refugee family relocated to Boulder
2014/2015 Committee member: colloquium speaker graduate student lunch series
2013/2014 Committee member: graduate comprehensive exam
2012/2103 Committee member: graduate concerns

Expeditionary Skills

Please see the PDF of my CV for a comprehensive review of my skills and experiences as would relate to expeditionary work, which I very much desire.